Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cher And Cher A Like X-Factor Adopt Auto-Tune for 2010

The X-factor frequently produces lowest common denominator pop acts such as (long live the king of the charts) Joe McElderry, but shouldn't we have a chance to judge for ourselves as to the merits of the participants? As some times something worth while does appear.

(Gamu Nhengu's audition on the first X-factor of the year which has received controversy for having auto tune applied to it.)

Even though i am not keen on acts spawned from shows such as x-factor and alike it is true that, once in a while, an act with staying power and heaven forbid even critical merit is uncovered though these competitions. As a case in point i look suggest that Will Young who's break came x-factors older brother Pop Idol and has subsequently carved out a long and acclaimed career, and to a lesser degree acts such as Leona Lewis or Alexander Burke (who i am sure are really the same person, but any way) have also made a place for themselves in the music industry.

By adding auto tune to the vocals of contestants auditions i feel the potential Will Young's and Lenoa Lewis', who could potentially have long lasting careers as a result of their first few performance, are being robbed of the opportunity to exhibit their talents in comparison to other contestants. And we are left with performances which take their musicality from modern post-production techniques which can now be implemented on the fly.

On another note, although we are all aware that the out come of these competitions is heavily orchestrated by the relevant production teams, it also prevents viewers from making an informed decision as to the skill of the contestant.

It is true that nearly all music in the charts at the moment has been auto tuned to some degree and todays audience is perhaps unconsciously used to it's presence but these are either artistic or record label decisions for a final product which is ultimately sold. Perhaps some people may see auto-tune as an intrinsic part of their act as might be said of T-Pain or Cher's track "Believe", which are now both synonymous with auto-tune, but shouldn't these people be persuaded to make it known to the public before hand or otherwise try out for Britons Got Talent rather than the X-factor which is first and foremost a singing competition.

Hopefully in light of the subsequent furore since the broadcast of X-Factors first episode of the 2010 series the producers will have chosen to drop auto-tune from their competitions. Especially the Auditions.

(T-pain and Ellen demonstrate auto-tune in it's most drastic form)

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