Monday, 26 April 2010

Artificiel: POWEr

POWEr, brought to us Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy, is an sensory explosion fueled with visceral electric energy. This experimental music display combines the sheer excitement of seeing energy jump through free space with a display which captures it's aesthetic beauty.

The range of emotion which Burton and Roy are able to produce by playing their tesla-coil is quite astounding, from the sheer shock factor of electricity cracking as jumps through the air, with it's incredible percussive element, to it's strangely melodic buzzing. The paradox this leaves us in is quite profound.

Although incredibly exciting, I was surprised to find that POWEr was capable of engaging the audience for a full 30 minuets. The use of high speed cameras and a high quality visual display created from these images makes the show work on many levels.

-Build your own teslacoil here
-Learn more about Nicholas Tesla here
-Visit Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy's Artificiel site here
-Take a look at POWEr below or search you tube for other tesla coil music here

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