Friday, 23 April 2010

Out For The Count.

If any ones familiar with the iphone's sleep cycle alarm clock i thought they might be interested to see what happened to me the first night i used it.

Having bought the app i miraculously still managed to plug my phone in an position it so as to use the app on the first night i had it. Even tho i had been out to The Other Rooms, a club in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and carried on drinking late into the night. The Hawk eyes amongst you may have already noticed that i didn't get to sleep until 7am.

Any way, i thought i'd share the statistics from that night as i think it's interesting to note how drastic surprisingly little i moved until about 9.15 where i suddenly became really restless. Perhaps someone out there has some idea as to what the alcohol did to me during my sleep?

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    the section on "Alcohol’s Effects on Sleep Physiology" seems to address this

  2. to paraphrase:
    Studies found that, particularly at higher alcohol doses, increased wake periods or light sleep periods occurred during the second half of the sleep period (Williams et al. 1983; Roehrs et al. 1991).

    The “rebound effect” occurs once alcohol has been completely metabolized and eliminated from the body; since the body adjusted to the presence of alcohol during the first half of the sleep period in an effort to maintain a normal sleep pattern, sleep disruption results from the subsequent readjustment to achieve sleep once the alcohol is out of the system, which requires certain physiological variables (e.g., sleep variables, such as the amount of REM sleep) to change in the opposite direction to the alcohol-induced changes, and may even exceed normal levels (rebound too far).